Tabata method

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I have already told you other times about HIIT workouts. Within these high-intensity interval training, is the Tabata method.

Created by Izumi Tabata, an eminence in exercise physiology, this method concentrates 8 exercises at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, with breaks of 10 seconds, making a total of 4 minutes of training.

Since this Japanese researcher began to certify the good results in his experiments until today, numerous studies affirm that this system improves cardiovascular performance, favors the loss of body fat, improves the aerobic and anaerobic system and favors muscle growth.💪🏻

For its brevity, you should not underestimate this type of exercise. In fact it is very intense training and not everyone is prepared to do it correctly and efficiently. As always, pre-heating is necessary to avoid injury. In addition, we must place special emphasis on the correct performance of the exercises for the same reason. We always tend to degrade postures as we get fatigued, and yes, after 4 minutes we will be VERY fatigued.

In addition, we can prepare our training ourselves, performing the exercises that we consider to work specific muscle groups.

The range of possibilities is very wide as far as exercises are concerned. We can always repeat the same, combine 2, 4, 8 different … We can also do isometric exercises (with our own body weight) such as squats, push-ups, strides, burpees …, using loads (dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted vests …) or by Useful as ropes, battle rope steps, pull-up bars….

Now that we know what the Tabata is about, to put it into practice we have no choice but to measure the time to know when to start or end a series or break. For this we can resort to YouTube videos, I leave you a link here, where they will also guide us with the exercises to perform. We can also use Spotify🎼, there is a lot of playlist just by putting Tabata in the search bar. Songs with alerts will appear for each round and break. With this method we must be very clear about the exercises to be performed. Another system is to use interval timers through your mobile, you will find countless applications that you can configure as you like. You just have to search by: intervals, timer, Tabata, timer … 📱⌚⏰⏳

It can be the perfect complement to our daily ruin, combining it with moderate physical exercise, since we will end up exhausted after a Tabata.🙇🏼‍♀️

Remember that the main premise of Tabata is to give 100% in each series we do. We can walk an hour and then perform it, accompany it with an abdominal routine … It is also not recommended that it be our only training system, always use it as a supplement and no more than 3, 4 times a week.📆

Remember, if possible, counting the repetitions you are doing to monitor your progress, will help motivate you and continue.

Let’s go! What are you doing there? 4 minutes, no excuses!

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