Sweat to lose weight. True?

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It may be that speaking someone’s sweat is unpleasant, but it is very necessary that we have all the possible information about something that we think we know and that, being a common element to all human beings, we accept all the statements as true.

It is true that, on many occasions, sweat is associated with a bad smell or lack of hygiene. But as society is this surprising, depending on the field, it may be that sweating is seen as a symptom of effort, a sign of effective exercise or even that we are burning a lot of calories. In other words, sweat is as good as it is bad, depending on who sweats.

What is sweat?

It is a cooling system of our body known as perspiration. The brain sends a signal through the nervous system, stimulating the sweat glands and they expel sweat through the pores. This moisture that remains on the skin, in contact with air, causes a drop in body temperature.

This liquid is mainly made up of water, but it also contains ammonia, urea, mineral salts and sugars. In addition, bacteria are expelled through sweat, which is why, when they proliferate due to humidity and temperature conditions, they produce a bad smell.

Why do we sweat?

As you have read previously, it is a thermal regulation system of the human body, normally, when we are performing a physical exercise that causes the body temperature to rise and it needs to lower it to maintain the 37ºC suitable for the normal functioning of the body. This high body temperature can also cause this rise in body temperature.

But we don’t just sweat for these reasons. Sweat is an indicator of a certain state. When we are nervous, feeling fear, stress, before a state of alert or anxiety. Also the consumption of alcohol and stimulating drinks or when we eat spicy food. In these cases we sweat the palm of the hands, the armpits or the forehead.

Can I lose weight if I sweat a lot?

Here is one of the most common questions and that “when we sweat we are expelling fat,” a widespread statement.

Although it is true that if we are doing sports we can sweat abundantly, many people associate sweat with fat burning. We will “burn” fat through physical exercise, as long as our metabolism uses our fat reserves, but never through sweat. Body fat can only be eliminated by consuming it and not expelling it through the skin.

Many years ago I went to a gym that had a sauna. I remember going there, like many others, like sheep. We all thought that going into that little wooden hell to sweat with jets after lifting some weights would turn us into Spartan warriors. Well, believe me, that today, many people use a sauna or hot spring with the intention of sweating to lose fat.

Saunas are original to Finland and have no other purpose than to expel toxins outside by sweating and activating blood circulation.

Another important topic is sweating utensils / costumes. Do not deny me that you have not used the typical neoprene girdle. And if you have not used it, surely you have someone nearby who does. And I say girdle for being the most common, but we can talk about the sauna-suits, which are a plastic “space” costume that avoids all perspiration with the exterior, apart from reducing your attractiveness to minute heights.

It is not the astronaut suit of everything to a hundred the most serious. I know some people who have wrapped their bodies with a transparent plastic roll, the one we have in the kitchen, with the intention of sweating to lose weight. Yes, aberrant.

All of these methods are strongly discouraged by any health authority. By expelling toxins and bacteria outside and staying under that plastic layer without contact with air, they can proliferate causing lesions and skin diseases such as eczema, fungi or irritations, among others. Also, as I have explained before, we will not achieve our goal of removing fat or, at least, with this method.

What you should consider

I think that the first thing we should bear in mind is the normalization or non-stigmatization of sweat in the social sphere, outside of sport or work that involves physical activity. As we have seen, it can be a reaction of the body to a state of alertness, nervousness or tension and a symptom that the person it happens to is not having a good time at that moment, so making fun of us does not think it is pleasant for that person. person, in fact, can be a signal to request our help. What’s more, another cause of excessive sweating is a symptom of a disease known as hyperhidrosis or diaphoresis, also caused by a hormonal imbalance.

The bad smell of sweat can be very unpleasant, so it is our responsibility to maintain proper hygiene. If you suffer from excessive sweating and / or a bad smell despite maintaining regular hygiene, you can go to a doctor to diagnose the reason and prescribe special hygiene products for these cases.

Both training at home and in the gym, we must use a towel to wipe off the sweat. Now that we know that we expel a lot of toxins through sweat, I don’t think it’s a good idea to share them with others.

Don’t forget your feet. They are another part of the body, but we mistreat them without realizing it. We don’t think about the number of hours we spend with our shoes on. It is highly recommended to give our feet a break, they wear a sauna all day and they sweat, they sweat a lot, some studies speak of a cup of coffee a day only on the feet. Take off your shoes more often when you are at home, use cotton socks that allow better breathability and do not forget to rub your feet well when showering, in this way we will avoid skin diseases and bad odors.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself. An adult person has three million sweat glands, through which they can expel between 0.7 to 1.8 liters of sweat per hour by performing intense physical exercise.

And finally, I insist, do not value your physical activity for the amount of sweat you produce. There are many conditions for which we sweat more or less. We may sweat more exercising with weights than riding a bike.

Greetings to all, see you around here very soon. Take care and stay active!

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