Monthly Archive:: April 2020

Healthy snack

Hi everyone! We are back with another publication that you like. Something that we can do with little money, quickly, very simple and giving our personal touch. Chickpeas are a legume that has not had a good reputation for people who have wanted to ...Read More

Fit Noodles!

Another way to eat rice with chicken, which we already know is a staple in fitness food. Healthy carbohydrates and quality proteins. We will also add vegetables to complete the micros and macronutrients, achieving a very complete and healthy dish. Making the purchase in ...Read More

Sweat to lose weight. True?

Hello and welcome again! It may be that speaking someone’s sweat is unpleasant, but it is very necessary that we have all the possible information about something that we think we know and that, being a common element to all human beings, we accept ...Read More

Looking for the tablet

Oh, those abs! Six pack, some call it. Make no mistake, we all like a firm, fat-free abdomen. A flat gut, marking those little squares … It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, there are many of us who ...Read More

Tabata method

Hello again! I have already told you other times about HIIT workouts. Within these high-intensity interval training, is the Tabata method. Created by Izumi Tabata, an eminence in exercise physiology, this method concentrates 8 exercises at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, with breaks of 10 ...Read More

Season’s fruit

Temperatures start to rise 🌡and we already have the fruits of this season in the markets, the ones I like the most. Although it is true that many of these fruits can be found in supermarkets throughout the year, it is recommended that we buy ...Read More

Pre-training, the push you need

Many times it happens, we do not arrive with the strength or desire to train. We work, we take care of the house chores, various obligations, and commitments … In addition to the little time we have available, it is logical that with so much ...Read More